Friday, June 25, 2010

Patty and Barbara

Or Barbara and Patti. Or Barbara and Patty. Barbara Smith. Patty Leigh Smith. Perry, NY.

I am putting their name out there for the sake of those who may be googling their names and may want to know of my family's experience with these two women. These are two women who have come, on numerous occasions, to stay in the home of my elderly mother and father. They have not only stayed there on multiple occasions but have had my parents pay their way from their hometown in New York state to my parents' home in another state.

My parents have also given these two women cash and also paid for their stays in hotels on more than one occasion.

When I became concerned that this arrangement may not be the healthiest situation for my parents I came on-line to see if I could find out anything about these two ladies. I didn't find much about them on-line, however, I was able to get a hold of some people who live in their small town of Perry, NY. I spoke with a few people about them and learned that their experiences with these two ladies was very similar to the experiences my sweet, kind, extremely giving and caring parents were having.

In my experience there were countless... how can I say it?.... discrepancies in what we were told by these ladies. Also, contradictions between their actions and their words were rampant. After speaking with some others who know these ladies I have found that others have had this same experience with these women, as well.

May I please strongly suggest that people do their research if they are considering becoming another one in the long line of people who have had experiences helping these ladies out. Please, please, please, take your time and ask a lot of people in their town of Perry, NY a lot of questions about these two.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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